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Zonehaven AWARE, our Community Evacuation Interface (CEI), serves community residents as the most reliable source for first-order evacuation updates and preparation resources.



Be prepared before an emergency strikes.

During an emergency, every second counts. Start preparing now to ensure you are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Know Your Evacuation Zone

Knowing your zone is critical to the evacuation process. If there is a wildfire or emergency situation, this is how you will check if you are in an impacted area.

Access Information About Your Zone

Find information about your zone, familiarize yourself with local fire and law agencies in your area, and find resources that will help you prepare.

Be prepared before an emergency strikes


Stay informed before, during, and after an evacuation.

Check the Status of Your Zone

The status of your zone will reflect if your zone has been impacted by an emergency incident.

Access Incident Information in Real-Time

View the latest updates about active incidents in your area.


Play your part in your community's safety.

Establishing Community Coordination
Establishing Community Coordination

During an evacuation, it is essential for government agencies and community members work together. Using Zonehaven AWARE makes it easy for agencies to prepare and coordinate evacuations with residents and workers.

Creating a Safer Collective Future
Creating a Safer Collective Future

With the intensity and frequency of wildfires and natural disasters increasing rapidly due to the climate crisis, the need to work together to improve and innovate the evacuation process is more critical than ever.

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Together, we can build a safer community.

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